Corey Evitts of Metropolis is a one-man band who is not only taking the region by storm but the U.S. and, with any luck, his name will become a household name to music lovers worldwide.

Evitts released his first album, Genesis, on iTunes on Saturday, May 4 and, as of last week, it had already jumped to number 7 in the Top 100 Pop Chart on the iTunes Store. Also last week, it was number 29 on the Every-Genre Chart.

The album features five songs: Kiss Kiss Kiss, Be Your Dream Come True, I'm Getting Over You, A Rose for Lila and The Walmart Song (All the Ugly People).

Evitts is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer known locally for his high-energy live shows and his ability to play and sing several genres of music.

His playlist includes music from all eras and styles. His music venues include restaurants, wineries, bars, clubs, civic centers and private parties.

He plays keyboard, kick drum, guitar and tambourine, all performed in real-time without a looper.

At the age of 13, Evitts knew he wanted to perform. "I idolized Stevie Ray Vaughan and how he played the guitar. Being a songwriter and performer was the only job I ever wanted to know, and now here I am, seeing my wish come true," said Evitts.

As a teenager, besides playing piano, he taught himself how to play the guitar.

"This community is why I am seeing the album jump up the charts so fast. I owe it to everyone because I feel they are making a statement to me on how much they love the music I am producing by getting out and voting and downloading or purchasing the album and telling their friends and family to vote too," explained Evitts, who has performed in six states. "I see Metropolis and Paducah as my hometown. Though born and raised in Metropolis, my studio is located in Paducah."

A 2004 graduate of Massac County High School, Evitts received a bachelor's degree in music composition and recording from Greenville College in 2008. Following graduation, Evitts worked at Allen Music in Paducah and has left his musical fingerprints all over the tri-state area, including providing instruction during several Patriot Band summer band camps.

He is the son of Ethel Evitts Bates of Metropolis, who has been employed for 30 years in the deli at Big Johns Grocery. He is also the son of the late Mike Evitts, who had worked at Metropolis' Laidlaw Corp. for 16 years prior to his death. His brother, Chad Evitts, lives in Metropolis, along with Chad's wife, Lacy, and their two sons and, according to Evitts, have been instrumental in helping him with the album. "Just last night, I had them sticking labels on CD cases," smiled Evitts.

Starting May 24, Evitts will start his summer tour -- playing 154 shows in just 150 days. His tour includes stops in southern Illinois, western Kentucky and southwest Indiana.

The tour will kick off Sissy's -- A Sweet Shoppe on Market Street in Metropolis, beginning at 5 p.m. on Friday, May 24 as part of the Cruise In on Market event.

For those unable to attend any of his shows, there are copies of the CD available at Sissy's or at Helton's Edge/Janet's Salon, 511 W. 10th St., for a cost of $5.

"Once the tour is over in October, I will begin recording my next album," added Evitts.

To purchase and download the album, go to iTunes Music Store, search "Corey Evitts" and purchase the entire Genesis EP for $4.95.

For additional information, contact Evitts at

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