Brookport Flapgate

Eleven water pumps work 24 hours per day pumping water out of the bayou in Brookport, due to the high water on the Ohio River.

CLYDE WILLS | Metropolis Planet

The public's concern over the flap gate was the first issue questioned in the public session of Brookport's city council meeting. Mayor Tami Wessel answered apparently the flap gate was damaged when the liners were inserted, but was not evident until the river had risen and was leaking into the bayou area.

At that time it was not severe and the city wanted the river to go down so the gate could be inspected and any damage claims could be made. Unfortunately the rains came and the river rose even further. Wessel said at the meeting with the Army Corps of Engineers, she was assured that pumps would be available.

Currently there are eleven pumps of various sizes pumping the water out of the bayou constantly. At least two more weeks of pumping is expected. There will also be sandbags available if needed. Personnel from the Illinois Department of Corrections are scheduled to start filling bags.

There is an emergency grant for pumping expenses if a threshold is reached of $58,000 for Massac County and $19.2 million for the state, according to one official present.

Wessel also reported a new full time police officer will be hired and had already passed the power test in order to qualify.

Bills of $98,590 were then approved by council to be paid, most of which will come from the motor fuel tax fund. About $18,000 is to come from the general fund.

In department reports, Treasurer Alison Boyt reported there is $99,551.95 in the general fund, and she gave a rundown of all the other accounts.

Scott McDonald gave the police report of six arrests, 32 tickets and one DUI for last month. He is aware of reports trucks have been using the bridge but because of manpower shortages, none of the police departments have been able to catch those truckers and asks for community support in reporting such instances, most of which occur at night. When questioned about cannabis infractions, McDonald said he has seen no difference in activity since recreational marijuana has become legal.

Fire Chief Bill Copley reported nine calls, some repeat calls were made at one address and they are working on trying to help this disabled person. The department is also applying for another small equipment grant for a communications system. He also had been contacted that the elementary school cheerleaders are seeking help in purchasing uniforms.

Lesley Taylor was approved as deputy collector for the city clerk's office. She had been working under the Shawnee Development Council work program.

Scott Martin was approved to be the mayor pro-temp during Wessel's weeklong absence.

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