After 27 years of sponsoring January and July book sales, the Friends of the McCracken County Library Board of Directors voted recently to move the semi-annual book sales to November and June to avoid extreme weather conditions.

The bargain books and audiovisual materials formerly sold in January will be available Friday and Saturday at Paducah's St. Paul Lutheran Church Gym, located at 211 S. 21st St. and Kentucky Ave.

The book sale hours are Friday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday is "Bag Day," and the remainder books are sold for $5 a grocery sack, which is provided by the Friends of the Library.

The sale features more than 20,000 books and audiovisual materials at affordable prices.

Hardback books, trade edition paperbacks and DVD's and audio books sell for $1. Pocketbook paperbacks, some children's books and music CD's are only 50 cents each. Special interest and collector books and audiovisual items are offered at below market prices.

Proceeds from the book sale are donated to the library to support programming and collection development. The Friends donated $15,000 to the library from the summer 2019 book sale.

Those who wish to donate to the book sales may drop their donations in the donation box outside the library's Kentucky Avenue parking lot entrance.

Friends of the Library membership forms are available at the book sale and at the library's service desks except during the week of the book sale, Nov. 3-9. The membership forms are also available on the library's website at

The book sale includes the church's sale of homemade pastries and other food products to support mission projects.

For more information, contact Friends of the Library Book Sale Committee Chair Jennie Boyarski at 270-994-2122.

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