The Metropolis Garden Club met at the Metropolis Community Center Jan. 13, 2020 with 15 members attending. President Anne Parmley called the meeting to order and Sharon Lynn, vice president, led the United States and Garden Club flag pledges.

The minutes of the previous meeting, held Nov. 11, 2019, were published in the Metropolis Planet and distributed to members by e-mail. There were corrections made regarding the horticulture report given by Amy Morgan. The magnolia is native to eastern Asia, North and South America through Brazil, including the West Indies. Also, the perfume Joy, once the most expensive perfume in the world is made from the distillate of the Asian Magnolia, Champac. There were no other corrections or additions and the minutes were approved.

The Treasurer's Report was submitted by Audrey Williams, club treasurer.

Marilene Westerman gave the horticulture committee report, explaining it is time to rest and plan. There are numerous sources to use in planning for spring planting, such as magazines, books, catalogues, and local University of Illinois Extension Offices. She had several publications on display.

Sheila Richey reported on lilac bushes versus outhouses. Lilac bushes are more fragrant than the tree varieties. When you see an old farmhouse, you may see a lilac bush or a line of bushes towards the back of the property. There were usually two reasons for planting the bush. One was to mark the grave of a miscarriage or bury the placenta after a birth. The second reason was outhouses. They were planted next to the outhouse to mask the odor. Trees can grow up to 25 feet tall, but bushes usually grow to around 12 feet. As the outhouse became too stinky or full, it was moved down and a bush was planted in the filled hole. They are usually found on the edge of property.

Shirley Dishinger began collecting change for the National Garden Clubs, Inc. project, Penny Pines, which provides funds for national forest tree plantings.

In lieu of a program, the members began planning for the Garden Clubs of Illinois, District VII meeting on Thursday, March 26. The club will host the meeting in Metropolis. The theme for the meeting will be farm-related. A title will be decided. Nametags were discussed and samples will be provided at the February meeting.

Favors will include lavender sachets provided by Amy Morgan. Breakfast will be provided by the members and will consist of fruit plates and baked items. Lunch will be catered. There will also be a ways and means table with items such as houseplants and plant/bird/outdoor-related items for sale to those attending.

Members also discussed plans for the upcoming year. Suggestions were asked for regarding monthly programs and field trips. Sign-up sheets will be passed at the next meeting for monthly hosting and horticulture reports. Members were also asked if they would like to schedule a field trip during one of the monthly meetings. Local nurseries have been visited in the past.

A much requested recipe was printed on the reverse side of this meeting's agenda. Information regarding times and places for upcoming events for the month of January and first part of February were announced.

The next meeting will be held Tuesday, Feb. 10 at 9:30 a.m. Hostesses will be Betty Brewer and Gina Pritchett. The program will be Butterflies of Illinois presented by Master Naturalist/Club President Parmley. Plans for the district meeting will continue. The meetings and programs are open to the public.

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