This fall Massac County will have a new circuit clerk, as Marcus Grace was the winner of the Republican Primary, winning with 962 votes, beating incumbent Sandra M. Riepe, who received 776 votes. With Grace winning the Republican nomination in Tuesday’s election, he will now move on to this fall’s General Election and at this time, he will run unopposed for the seat of circuit clerk.

Several local candidates on the Republican ballot were running unopposed for their offices, including Massac County State’s Attorney Josh Stratemeyer, who received 1634 votes. Sheriff Chad Kaylor received 1650 votes. Incumbent Massac County Coroner Michael Todd Hillebrand received 1615 votes and current County Commissioner R. Jayson Farmer received 1607 votes. Tim Pearcy, a write-in candidate on the Constitution Party ballot, was seeking a nomination for county commissioner and for precinct committeeman in George’s Creek precinct. According to the summary totals, there were a total of 12 write-ins for county commissioner. However, County Clerk Hailey Miles says the number only reflects the number of ovals marked on the ballot. As of press time the winners of the write-ins for commissioner and for the precinct committeemen have not been determined.

Also on the ballot this election was the question regarding a one% sales tax within the City of Metropolis. It was voted down with 512 votes, with only 353 people voting for the tax.

For the office of president on the Republican ballot, incumbent Donald J. Trump received the win with 1685 votes over challenger Roque De La Fuente, who only received 44 votes.

On the Democratic ballot, while all but two candidates have dropped out of the race, candidate Joe Biden won in Massac County with 461 votes. Candidate Bernie Sanders came in second with 226 votes. Michael Bloomberg received 5, Pete Buttigieg also received 5 votes; Tulsi Gabbard received 2 votes; Elizabeth Warren received 3 votes; Tom Steyer received 2 votes; Cory Booker received 1 vote; Andrew Yang received 1 vote; and Michael Bennet received 1 vote.

For U.S. Senator on the Republican ballot, Mark C. Curran Jr. was the winner with 445 votes with Tom Peggy Hubbard received 323; Robert Marshall received 300; Tarter received 241; and Casey Chlebek received 54.

On the Democratic ballot for U.S. Senator, incumbent Richard J. Durbin, ran unopposed and received 652 votes in Massac County.

Another contested race on the Republican ballot for U.S. Representative in 15 th congressional district. Candidate Mary Miller was the winner with 717 votes. Darren E. Duncan received 450 votes; Kerry A. Wolff received 199 votes; and Chuck Ellington received 153 votes.

On the Democratic ballot, it was candidate Erika C. Weaver receiving 337 votes, with Kevin Gaither receiving 131 votes; Craig Morton received 86 votes; and John W. Hursey Jr. received 46 votes.

For the office of representative in the Illinois House of Representatives, it was incumbent Patrick

Windhorst, running unopposed for his second term. He received 1701 votes in Massac County.

On the Republican ballot the race for judge in the Fifth Judicial Circuit, it was candidate Mark M. Boie winning with 908 votes against Katherine Ruocco, who received 527 votes.

Democrat Sarah Smith ran unopposed on the Democratic ballot and received 588 votes.

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