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Joppa Maple Grove (J-MG)school board members learned at the Jan. 27 board meeting the Joppa High School Beta Club is heading to the state convention March 4-7.

According to J-MG Superintendent Vickie Artman, the school will have approximately 25 students going to Springfield and explained to the board, the school needed to come up with alternate transportation. "This is a good problem to have," said Artman. "We have many bright and talented students. We should recognize their talents"

The board approved a motion to authorize the school to rent a large van from Enterprise. They will also use the school activity bus. "This will allow room for all the students and their luggage," said Artman.

In Artman's report to the board, she told the board it should approve revised certified and non-certified staff lists prior to Feb. 1. "Each year we add teachers who have attained tenure status the previous spring or delete teachers who have left the district. The same is true of non-certified staff," she said.

According to Artman, J-MG is scheduled for a compliance visit in February. A review of policy, mandated trainings, mandated units of study, review of bus drivers and other various items will be reviewed.

This year, the Regional Office of Education will conduct a Professional Development Audit. The district has received approximately 62 percent of anticipated revenues. This is up from the same time last year. "Our expenditures are representative of what we typically spend which is around 48 percent this time of year," said Artman.

The board approved two amendments to the Health, Life Safety Plan. The first one was the roof over the Maple Grove Elementary kitchen and cafeteria, which is leaking. "We need to remove the existing roof system down to the deck, repair or replace areas that are deteriorated and then install new insulation, membrane roofing and flashing.," said Artman.

The second amendment is to to repair the Joppa Jr. and Sr. High School roofing system over the gymnasium lobby. "It, too, is leaking. We need to remove the existing roofing system down to the deck, repair any areas that are deteriorated and install new insulation, roof membrane and flashing," said Artman.

The board also approved a matching fiscal year 2020 Illinois State Board of Education School Maintenance Grant Application. Artman explained she wrote it to cover the cost of the Health, Life, Safety violations mentioned in the amendment request. The project is projected to cost $100,000 for which the district's portion would be $50,000.

Last month the board made the decision to open bids for casualty/property and Worker's Comp. insurance. Don Badgley district consultant agent for Prairie State Insurance Cooperative (PSIC), spoke to the Board about the advantages of remaining in the cooperative. He presented information and the board approved a motion accepting the bid from Prairie State Insurance Cooperative.

In the area of personnel the board tabled an item on the agenda to hire a website manager. The board did however, accept the resignation of Alyssa Castleman, teacher's aide.

In other business, the board:

• Received several first readings of policies pertaining to the press, sick day, vacation, holidays and leaves, as well as drug and alcohol-free workplace, E-cigarettes, cannabis prohibition, administrative responsibility of the building principal, activity funds, waiver of student fees and compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

• Approved other district updates on a second reading, pertaining to board member qualifications, board member terms of office, board member removal from office, procurement of architectural, engineering and land surveying services and board member code of conduct.

• And, gave approval to the updated athletic coaching staff.

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