Holder to retire as sheriff


Massac County Sheriff Ted Holder officially presented his letter of resignation to Massac County Commissioners Jayson Farmer and Jerel Childers on Tuesday morning. Commissioner Jeff Brugger was absent from the meeting this week.

Holder's retirement is effective Friday, Aug. 30. His recommendation to the board is to appoint Massac County Chief Deputy Chad Kaylor as sheriff. He also said Massac County Circuit Judge Cord Wittig will be available on that date and would be able to swear in Kaylor as sheriff.

"The board and everyone appreciates everything you've done," said Chairman Farmer.

Holder expressed his thanks to the county for all they have done for him. In his letter he wrote, "It has been an honor to serve as the Massac County Sheriff for almost nine years and with the office for over 20 years."

Kaylor told the board out of all the bills this week, the food bills are the most priority. With overcrowding comes more mouths to feed.

Massac County Emergency Management Director Brian Horn told commissioners he was at a meeting in McCracken County on Monday, and while there have been rumors the Brookport Bridge would never reopen, he said unofficially, according to the Kentucky Transportation Department, the bridge will reopen as planned.

According to Keith Todd, information officer with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, he does not comment regarding social media rumors and cited the most recent press release from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet from June 5, which states the original 30-day closure has been extended until approximately Nov. 1 to allow for additional repairs inspectors deemed necessary to maintain the bridge.

Horn gave the board a copy of the United States Department of Agriculture grant paperwork to review and also a copy of his and Chris Thompson's itinerary for an upcoming conference in Springfield.

Horn said this week Massac County's Storm Ready designation has been renewed for another three years. He will order a new sign, which will cost $25.

The only other item he mentioned was Massac Emergency Management will partner with Joppa High School to do a mock emergency drill on Tuesday, Aug. 6.

Massac County Treasurer Jody Haverkamp reported to the board the county's general fund balance this week is $27,563. She said to-date, the county has collected $750,851 in property taxes, with about $57,000 of that amount collected at City National Bank. There have been about seven payments online totaling about $5500.

After last week's meeting Haverkamp said she had taken the average of the last six months of health insurance payments, and she estimates the county would need to save about $42,000 a month for health insurance. She explained one health insurance bill came in last week for $10,000.

County Highway Engineer Joe Matesevac said the bridge replacement project on Portland Road, just east of Lafarge, is almost completed. The striping still needs to be done as well as some final paperwork.

Both Farmer and Childers brought up a few issues residents have called them about, including several about mowing. Currently the highway department does not have part-time temporary employees devoted to mowing. The full-time staff is mowing in between times when the department is not busy with oil and chipping.

According to Matesevac, the oil and chipping could last for four more weeks. He said the only way he could hire two part-time people, per the union contract, is to hire two more full-time employees, and there is not enough money in the budget for that to happen. Currently there are five operators, three drivers, one mechanic and one foreman.

Joseph Boyd and his wife, Karla, came to the meeting seeking a liquor license for River Bottoms. The Boyds will purchase Rock Bottoms at the four-way stop in Unionville and change it from a bar and grill to a full restaurant.

Farmer explained liquor licenses are non-transferrable and are not pro-rated.

They want to purchase an A and E liquor license, which would allow the business to sell by the drink as well as packaged liquor. The license would also allow for the restaurant to stay open until 2 a.m. every night.

Farmer said Tuesday afternoon, the Boyds met with the state's attorney regarding the paperwork and were able to make payment at the Massac County Clerk's Office to secure the liquor license.

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