As we witness more and more of the chaos going on in our country, it is sometimes hard to know what the responsibility of the follower of Christ might be. I speak as a believer and pastor who greatly appreciates this wonderful country in which we live realizing that it exists within a fallen world and therefore it is far from perfect.

I also do not want to spark a debate over who is wrong and who is right when we look at some of the issues we are facing as a nation.

This has caused me to reflect on the earthly life of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ while He was here on earth and what He sought to accomplish. I learned that there were in existence several harsh policies that caused much dissension among the people and especially among the Jewish population.

Slavery was rampant and taxes were exorbitant. Widows were ignored, the sick were believed to be under a curse of God and orphans were not cared for properly.

Yet Jesus did not come to seek social change, He did not come to address economic issues, they were not His primary concern. Was He aware of them, absolutely! He had perfect knowledge of absolutely everything. He knew that there was a great need for social reform and yet He didn’t come to bring about a social revolution.

His appeal was always toward the hearts and souls of men and women, not their political freedoms; it was not their social justice that He sought first and foremost. He preached the Gospel and He knew that all that is just and all that is equitable and all that is good and all that is noble will come when hearts are changed.

He was not interested in a new social order, He was interested in a new spiritual order.

While I wouldn’t pretend to speak for anyone except myself, I am under the conviction that what the Lord wants of me is to speak and more importantly to “live” the Gospel.

True change and healing will come as people hear, see, and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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