At the regular Brookport City Council meeting on May 12, it was revealed Jones Excavating had the low bid of $31,500 for demolition of the old Rhodes building. He had also demolished the old city hall building a few years ago.

Mayor Tami Wessel reported the water construction project should have a closing around May 29. She also signed off on the table of contents for the Brookport Ordinance Code as formulated by the Municipal Code Corporation. Ordinances for the city will soon be able to be viewed online once the final proof is approved.

An agreement with Fort Massac Water District for use of water during the water main renovations was approved per Rural Development’s standard contract.

Bills totaling $24,919 were approved for payment with no questions being asked by council members present: Kathy Tucker, Ward 1, Sandra Bailey, Ward 1, Lori Klotz, Ward 2 and the mayor. City Attorney Patrick Hewson, Treasurer Alison Boyt and City Clerk Jamie Jenkins attended virtually on Debbie Workman, Ward 2 and Scott Martin, Ward 3 were unable to attend.

Joe Chotner, representative of Xylem, was present to clear up the misunderstanding of the pump rentals used by the city during the high water in January. It was decided two weeks of rental will be charged but payment will be due by May 22. Chotner will present the final invoice before then. Confusion was based on the time it took to remove fuel from the pumps.

Brown and Roberts Engineering was awarded $4,310 for the right-of-way bill to cover the water lines that go under U.S. Hwy. 45 for the water project.

Auditors Beussink, Hey, Roe and Stroder Inc. will be paid $14,000 for the city audit by unanimous approval of the council.

Also approved was to pay Mott Excavating $14,354 from the DCEO grant for the storm sewer repairs.

Boyt stated the general fund had $98,003 in its account.

Discussion was held regarding elevation certificates. As part of the flood insurance program, all dwellings and new construction need to have an elevation certificate. This includes small houses. According to the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program, “One such requirement is for the community to obtain the elevation of the lowest floor (including basement) of all new and substantially approved buildings and maintain a record of such information.” This would require a certificate from a certified surveyor.

The Brookport Betterment Committee updated the council on the AARP Community Grant for the park. It is about ready for submission. If approved, volunteers will work towards improving the ball field, adding grills and lighting for the pavilions, improving the bathrooms and the basketball court. The AARP grant will fund the materials. The grant was open to municipalities and nonprofits.

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