So I had a whole list of area birthdays and now can't find them. I put them down somewhere, but there is no telling where. So I just hope the New Year has started off well for everyone.

As far as those resolutions go, this year I'm not even gonna try to do one. I never make it very far any way, and then I feel like a failure, so I'm not gonna do that to myself this year. I feel better already.

Now, I'm still trying to find the owner of this cat. It's a nice cat and it understands no, so I know it belonged to someone. It is really starting to think it belongs here and not just visiting until his owners come to claim him. Jordyn has even gone as far as to name it. This is getting serious around here folks.

I saw where Betty Lang and her gang went to Nashville to see Hamilton over the weekend. It seems like they had an awesome time. Those ladies sure do enjoy their family time. I also saw Betty's Christmas Village she had on display and it was an awesome sight for sure.

I got a lot done over this break -- more than I usually do. I surprised myself and my family. I'm ready to get back to work though and get back in the swing of things.

Don't forget you can check in with your local Southern Seven Health Department for flu shots. The clinics offer several services to the community. Feel free to check them out sometime.

Please pray for our young men being sent over seas. I know how hard this is for parents and other loved ones. Keep them all safe until they can return home.

I walked outside today and heard dogs barking, like they were after something. All of a sudden down the hill in the woods came four deer just a flying, I watched them first turn one way then the other and flew right by me. A few seconds later heard the dogs. I saw them come down the hill. They went one way and kept going --the wrong way. So I know there are at least four deer very close to my car and me.

I am still hoping I get some news folks, feel free to holler at me -- take care and have a wonderful week.

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