OK, folks, this week is all about me and modern technology. We do not do well together. If it wasn’t for my awesome neighbors, William and Michelle Meyer, I would still be back in the 70s!

Today I went out to go someplace, don’t even remember where, when I tried to start my car, nothing, deader than a door nail. So I called brother Tom and he came over and tried to jump it. Well, his cables didn’t work. I told him I had a set in the trunk and a kit in case I break down on the road, which he thought was a great idea, until we couldn’t get in the trunk because the battery was dead!

By this time I was beside myself. I called Michelle to see if William was available and she sent him right over. Tom asked if my key fob thing had a battery. Well, I don’t know, so he found a button and pressed it and out popped a key, but a key to what? Couldn’t find one on the steering column and no keyhole on the trunk, so why the key? Did us absolutely no good.

But then William arrived with tools and jumper cables. My battery was covered in green goop so they got that cleaned off and cables put on and wahoo, the car jumped to life. I called O'Reilly Auto Parts and told them I needed a battery and they had one so off I went to town, got the battery and they put it on for me.

Now I am told that it was because my bluetooth stayed on and drained the battery. What does that mean and how do I fix it? I am already stressed to the max folks, am I the only one? Does anyone else feel like they have been left behind with all this new stuff?

Anyway, we need to have a thing in the paper each week or month praising our neighbors who help us out anytime without fail. I nominate William and Michelle Meyer for this honor, ask my children, working with me they deserve it!

OK, so I got that off my chest and just hoping my car starts in a bit when I go out to check it.

Joppa-Maple Grove students are doing great, and the Chromebooks they received are working out great. Hopefully all stays well for our district. It's hard on everyone having to wear a mask and then social distance on top of it. Our staff have done an exceptional job and can't be praised enough.

Labor Day should be start of the cooler weather. Hopefully we will get a little fall weather but the way this year is going I won't count on it.

Just gotta take one step at a time folks and one day at a time. Everyone says things will be back to normal is 2021, sure hope so!

Have a great week everyone!

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