A big welcome to Hillerman's newest resident, Gauge Tyler McLelland, who weighed in at 9 pound,s 8 ounces and was 20 and a half inches long. Gauge's parents, Tyler and Errica, live just down the road from great-grandparents Tom and Pam Mclelland. Welcome to the neighborhood, Gauge.

B.J. Monzulla celebrated his 30th birthday this week and from all the pictures, it looked like it was an awesome one for sure. Happy birthday, B.J.

Mason Dean was named to the All Tournament Team during the Mid Winter Classic held at Egyptian. Congratulations, to Mason.

Joppa alumnus Hannah Mitchell had the honor to sing the National Anthem for the Murray State versus Belmont game. It was such a great honor for a former Joppa student. She did an awesome job, I might add.

I have enjoyed the near 70s temperatures today. I saw a dandelion growing in my yard yesterday so have to agree with that groundhog, looks like will be a early spring. Gentlemen, start those mowers.

If any of my friends still have the issue of the Planet with the list of honor roll students, I would like to have a copy if possible. I thought I had it. But seem to have all but that one.

I'm trying to stay awake for the half-time show, but I don't think I'm gonna make it. I don't understand the game of football at all. The game just goes on and on.

Don't forget to holler at me with news you would like to share. My email is at the top of this article, or I can be found on Facebook. I'm always on the lookout for more news. Have a great week all. I hear we may get snow by midweek, which should be newsworthy for sure.

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