All Brookport City Council members voted to include the new federal holiday Juneteenth to the holiday schedule for employees beginning in 2022 at the July 13 regular city council meeting. Veterans Day can still be used as part of the Thanksgiving holiday should the employee prefer.

Bills of $42,882.10 were unanimously approved for payment. Also approved was the contractor’s pay application No. 12 of $53,850.61 and the engineering observation bill No. 12 for $11,665.69 from the water system grant.

Alison Boyt, treasurer, reported $180,358.26 in the general fund. The city audit went well two weeks ago. The official report will come later.

Lori Klotz, city clerk, collected $156,578.75 last month, most of which goes into the water department.

Fire Chief Bill Copley said there were not many calls recently. In the meantime, Steven Williams, a certified instructor, has been showing volunteers the proper usage of equipment, bringing all members up to the standards of operation.

Rod Hammond was out of town to give the police report, but the new applicant, Peyton Haynes, had passed the power test for the police academy.

The flood gate on East Second Street has been removed to facilitate mowing on the river side of the flood wall, reports Paul Driver. More gates will be coming down.

Donnie Henson updated the water project status with the last “cut and cap” to be done near the post office so the boil water caution will be lifted soon. The next step is the sand blasting of the water tank and repainting it inside and out. The tank will be drained, but a portable tank will be brought in so water pressure should remain the same.

An appropriation ordinance was passed for the fiscal year May 2021 to April 2022. It was expected $1,993,050 will be needed for the coming year.

In the alderman’s session, Scott Martin, Ward 3, asked the help of the fire department to blast culverts around town occasionally to remove sediment build up. He also commended the Parks & Recreation Committee on the Fourth of July celebration. Martin felt they did an excellent job with the food and games, not to mention the parade. Kudos to the fire department for the firework display.

Bronda Jones, Ward 1, mentioned a planned fish fry in the future that she will donate barbeque for as well. Bill Copley had reserved the gym Oct. 23 for the fish fry.

Mayor Rance Phillips said rip rap on the flood wall has been sprayed to remove foliage and trees are being taken down. More flood gates are scheduled to be removed. Phillips states working with the water system personnel has been a pleasure. They have attended to most problems promptly and courteously.

Phillips thanked Keith Strickland for his mowing of the ball field by the school. A resident inquired if this was a city project, but Phillips responded it has been a community volunteer project. Jeff Mayes provided a bulldozer for Gary Neal to use to take the roughness out of the outfield and provide better drainage. Dirt is expected to be used for the infield in the future. Improving the ballfields should attract activity from the kids, thanks to all those volunteers.

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