Hello! Well most of us experienced a different celebration of Easter that we thought we would never have to do. No church services, no family dinners, no Easter egg hunts. They weren’t allowed by the government to try to stop the virus spread. I think most of us are doing our part to help out, but we still can praise God.

A new day has dawned with fresh hope and mercy as all days do. Listening to the birds sing out the news on this day we celebrate feels especially bright and hopeful. “ He is not here, He has risen!” The hope of all who seek him, the help of all who find.

Thank you, Jesus, for your death, burial and resurrection

If you know these folks call and wish them a happy birthday: Lauren Doctorman Reams on April 16, Blair Noel Anderson and Kelsey Camron on April 17, Dennis Vanderpool on April 18, Trina Craig Martin on April 19, John Stanbery on April 20, LaRita Clark and my husband, Philip, on April 21, and Tony Anderson on April 23.

Anniversary wishes are sent to Delbert and Shane Brewer on 20 years of marriage last week


On a Sunday morning in a rural church the back door suddenly burst open and Satan with all his ugliness and horror walked in. Everybody,except for one old farmer,ran screaming from the building.Satan walked up to the old farmer and said, “Who are you? Aren’t you afraid of me?” The farmer replied, “ NOPE. I’m surprised that you don’t recognize me? I’ve been married to your sister for well over forty years”

Well that’s all the news I have. If you happen to have some you want past along I would be glad to help you out

Try to have a good week.

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