Hello! Well I would ask how everyone's doing this week, but I would guess nothing but eating, sleeping and watching the television. I do look forward to my mile walk every day while dodging the rain. Of course you know what they say, "this too shall pass," and I'll be glad when it does

Here's some birthdays coming up in the next few days: Joe Pritchett and Bob Wright on March 27, Sharon Collins Wilson and Holly Cain on March 30, Brandy Wright Thurston and Robin Hinton on March 31, and Lynda Parker and Leslie Riepe on April 1.

Happy Anniversary wishes are sent to my neighbors Deon and Ruth Peck who celebrated on the March 31.

My daughter Kala had a nice visit from her best friend Brandy and her husband Jeff House from Alton. They were coming through the area and stopped for a few hours to visit before going back. Kala and I went to visit them a couple years ago. The thing I remember the most was dodging a recliner that fell out of a truck on the interstate. It's hard to do when your traveling seventy miles an hour, but I managed.

I want to give a big thank you to our store in town for keeping us in food. You are greatly appreciated by everyone. We can always rely on you guys when the going gets rough, and you can't get fresh meat, sliced cheese, ham and turkey anywhere else close by.

Try to have a good week, remember God is in control.

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