Vanita Corzine

Hello, how is everyone doing so far this week? I think we have had enough rain to last us for a while, don't you? I've had people ask me if the water is near my house, all I can say I live on a hill, and if the water gets to us were all in trouble.

Here are some birthdays to pass along: Crystal Corzine West, Valene Pittman and Lucus Blevins on Valetine's day. Jerry Altenberger and Katie Milligan Hook on Saturday, Feb.15; Sara Duey on Sunday, Feb. 16; Richard Elliot on Wednesday, Feb. 19; and Kim Crockett Mitchell and Johnnie Cummins Osborn on Thursday, Feb. 20.

Prayers are sent to the family of Alice Henry Shavenore Bass, who passed away last week, Alice lived to the age of 105 and was the oldest of 10 children only three survive: Velma Corzine, of Karnak; Jenny Wise, of Simpson; and Norma Sue Tapley, of Metropolis

Congratulations to Bobby Inman of our village for receiving the Quilt Of Valor made by the Little Egypt Quilters. Bobby served with the U.S. Army in Vietnam thank you very much for your service to your country.

I'm sure glad the veterans are getting the recognition they deserve.

I have a couple of mistakes that were brought to my attention. I apologize on Judy Hale Wright's birthday as being Feb. 6, when it was actually Jan. 6 and also for having the wrong Wright brother serving overseas. It was Clayton, instead of Lane. I'm sorry about the mix up. I'll do better in the future.

The Cache River Wetlands center programs coming up include:

Hummingbirds of the World will be Saturday from 10 -11 a.m. You can ooooh-and-awe over the photos of 77 hummingbird species of the 345 or so known species of the Americas. Two new species have been described in just the last three years so more maybe coming. Also see photos of the giant hummingbird of the Andes Mountain and the bee hummingbird of Cuba.

Sunday Story Hour -- River Otter this Sunday from 2-3 p.m. Sunday Story Hour is a free program, which engages families with children ages 3-8, in which a naturalist reads a nature themed storybook to children. Each story will be paired with a game, hands-on activity, or outside nature walk. This month's program features the fun-loving graceful river otter. Please pre-register with the Cache River Wetlands center at 618-657-2064 for an activity to be prepared for each child.

A fella once asked me what a hoedown was, and I told him it's like a shindig but more like a hootenanny. I could tell he was still confused because his face went all catawampus.

Have a happy Valentine's Day.

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