Hello. Well it's the year 2020. I can remember when the New Year was 2000. Some thought the world was ending, and the computers were crashing. Here it's been 20 years since then. Boy, those 20 years sure went by fast.

Here are some upcoming birthdays: Jyhrine Neal and Howard Walquist on the Friday; Ashley Joiner Doctorman on Sunday; Marcy Barringer Capron on the Monday, Jan. 13; Julie Barnett Hinton and Vickie Ford Meyer on Tuesday, Jan. 14; Ally Thoe, Dawn Scroggins Vanderpool and my neighbor Deon Peck on Wednesday, Jan. 15; and Shane Parker on Thursday, Jan. 16.

Anniversary wishes are sent to Craig and Lesley Bradley.

Prayers are sent to the family of Rose Mary Cash Dalton, who passed away last week at the age of 98. I believe this sweet lady has done everything on her bucket list a few years ago. She did zip lining and also parasailing. She was a blessing to everyone and surely will be missed by those who knew her.

The 2020 programs and activities at the Cache River Wetlands center will be having Story Hour on the next to the last Sunday of each month. A naturalist will read a story, paired with a nature theme. There will be games and hands on activities, so pre-registration should be done. I'll pass along the stories for each month. I hope you all take advantage of this free program.

We all need to be praying for our brave service men and women who are being sent over seas. We have a couple from our area being deployed, so please keep the prayers going up.

I started to go to the gym this morning, and I couldn't find my membership card. A new one is $10. A donut and coffee were $3. Guess who saved $7.

Have a good week.

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