Hello. Well Ole Mr. Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow last Sunday. I sure hope he's right, but we sure have been blessed with nice weather this winter. I know we still have a few weeks left, so maybe the spring like weather will continue.

If you know any of these folks call and wish them a happy birthday: Judy Bond Neill and Garrett Wilson on Friday; Todd Evers and Barbara Harbison on Saturday; Philip Barnett, Ronnie Staton Sr. and Laura Treat Hosfeldt on Monday, Feb. 10; and Tracy Dunn on Wednesday, Feb. 12.

Anniversary wishes are sent to Ryan and Alanna Wilson, who celebrated on Feb. 3.

The Cache River Wetlands Center programs coming up are:

Native Plants for Pollinators Saturday starting at 1p.m. Now is the time to plant your pollinator fields or garden. Join Metropolis Garden Club President and Master Naturalist Anne Parmley, and her husband William, to learn how they planted 15 acres for pollinators.

The Nature Movie Topic will be about Alligators on Thursday Feb. 13 matinee at 2-3 p.m.; evening 6-7 p.m. In the Cache River Watershed are remnants of once great acreage of Southern Swamp, wetland habitat reminiscent of Louisiana's in many ways. This nature movie will explore the natural history of alligators, which are not found in southern Illinois swamp/wetlands.

For more information on these programs call the Wetland center at 618-657-2064

I sure am glad to see the price of gas going down. Some places are under $2 a gallon except for around here.

It won't be long until the Century baseball team will start its games next month. I'll have a list of the home games next week so you can mark on your calendars.

Blonde Fun: A blonde would ask, "What's the difference between ignorance and apathy?"

She replied, "I don't know, and I don't care"

Have a good week.

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