Kids Costume Contest

Superman Celebration hosts kids costume contest

Children at the Superman Celebration have a chance to do their own cosplay during the Kids SuperHero Costume Contest. Joan Wientjes, as a wacky waving inflatable tube man, again hosted the contest, which was held Friday, July 30. Following the contest, the big winners gathered for a photo and then everyone, led by Superman, paraded down Market Street to the Superman Statue. This year’s winners were (front) Outstanding Superman Celebration Costume Award — Camyrn Jones, of Sebree, Kentucky, as Flying Supergirl; (back, from left), Most Able to Leap Tall Buildings — Ezra Cigelske, of New Holstein, Wisconsin, as Superman; Best Superhero on the Planet — Zak Cigelske, of New Holstein, Wisconsin, as Super Grover; Cutest Little Superhero — Ephraim Cigelske, of New Holstein, Wisconsin, as Elmo; More Muscles Than Legally Allowed — Kal Cigelske, of New Holstein, Wisconsin, as The Hulk; Charming, Powerful & Smart — Kara Farrar, of Columbus, Georgia, as Supergirl; Fierce & Fabulous — Haizlee Ray, of Munfordville, Kentucky, as Wonder Woman; The Simply Amazing Award — Marshall Baker of Palmer, Texas, as Miles Spiderman; The Character with the Most Character — Oliver Hruska, of West Allis, Wisconsin, as Mario; and Lighting Fast with a Dazzling Smile Award — Zuri Parish, of Springfield, as Wonder Woman.

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