The old saying goes when life hands a person lemons, they need to learn how to make lemonade. Three fourth grade classes at Metropolis Elementary School (MES) made lemonade and in the process, learned a lot of educational skills and helped to improve the lives of 12 of their fellow classmates.

According to MES fourth grade teacher Amanda Kindle, after reading Lemonade War, the fourth graders had their very own lemonade stand. While partnering with Metropolis Police Department for Pedaling with Police in Character, the fourth graders raised over $1,000.

MES Principal J.R. Conkle said the school also had a few businesses donate money too. The donations totaled around $500, but the majority of the funds came from the lemonade stand held on May 8 outside of the school.

The proceeds went to purchase 12 bicycles, 12 helmets and 12 locks for the MES student raffle using "Caught with Character" cards that were rewarded to students all year long for displaying great character traits.

On May 30 Conkle drew names of students in first through sixth grade students who had been caught with character during the school year.


1-2 grade girls: Alex Simon and La'Naysia Davis;

1-2 grade boys: Drew Morris and Harrsion Burnham

3-4 grade girls: Scarlett King and Miley Mounce

3-4 grade boys: Kemani Doyle and Keghan Helland

5-6 grade girls: Antije King and Chloe Shinn

5-6 grade boys: Kris Garnett and Logan Glidden

As Conkle pointed out to the students, all the bikes come with "brain savers" - helmets -- and urged the new bike owners to use them when riding their bikes.

After the names were drawn, Metropolis Police Officer Nick Holland assisted the students in registering their bikes with the police department.

According to Scarlett and Antije King, their family has had to pay to have them ride on SMART Transportation bus in order to get to and from school. They said while they will enjoy riding their bikes for fun this summer, having the bikes will enable them to ride them to school when school starts next year.

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