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Massac Memorial Hospital (MMH) has announced Massac Memorial Wound Center is a recipient of RestorixHealth's Patient Satisfaction and Clinical Distinction swards. Recipients of this award meet or exceed national patient satisfaction and quality benchmarks over a six-month period.

Founded by physicians in 1997 to treat the growing incidence of non-healing wounds, RestorixHealth is a leading wound care management company, develops and manages centers of excellence for amputation prevention, wound management and hyperbaric medicine.

"This achievement reaffirms our commitment to the patient experience and the quality of care Massac Memorial Wound Center provides its patients," said Tara Crumble, APRN. "We are proud to be a recipient of an award that recognizes the hard work and dedication of our team."

RestorixHealth launched its Center Recognition Award for Patient Satisfaction program to recognize those centers that have met or achieved a patient satisfaction score of 96 percent or higher. The Clinical Distinction recognition program is to recognize centers which have demonstrated success by meeting or exceeding patient safety goals along with a 90 percent healing rate.

According to Crumble, the team at Massac Memorial Wound Center is dedicated to optimizing outcomes and preventing lower limb loss in those patients with non-healing wounds. The approach to wound care is aggressive and comprehensive, coordinating traditional and advanced therapies and techniques that are proven to reduce healing time and improve healing rates.

The center is staffed with a multidisciplinary team of practitioners along with nurses and technicians with advanced training in wound care. Integrating a team of wound care professionals optimizes patient care, while offering the most advanced healing options.

The Massac Memorial Wound Center is located at Massac Memorial Hospital 28 Chick Street in Metropolis and is open Wednesday mornings.

For more information, call 877-295-2273.

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