The Massac Memorial Clinic, located at 1204 W. 10th St., will soon undergo renovations doubling the size of the facility and adding an additional 31 parking spots according to Chad Murray, zoning and mapping coordinator for the City of Metropolis.

Steven Feeler, owner and architect with Feeler S. Architects from St. Louis, told the Planning Commission on June 20 the clinic will have a solid glass window front to mimic the Orthopaedic Institute building on East Fifth Street to have a "consistent, visual approach." Massac Memorial Hospital (MMH) is part owner of the orthopaedic surgery center.

An additional 8000 square feet will be added to the clinic's west side. Across the glass front will be a waiting area with clinics against the back wall.

Currently the clinic has a primary care side with a physician and nurse practitioner and a specialty side with an ENT, audiologist, pediatrician and sleep medicine. The Family Care Clinic, currently at the MMH building, will move to the renovated location on West 10th Street, as well as Dr. Bharat Patel's practice which will rent office space at the new location.

Richard Goins, chief executive officer of MMH, says this decision came after the completion of a master facility plan at the beginning of 2019. In the 13 years since the previous plan, the medical community has changed and things are moving to more outpatient treatments according to Goins.

"This project will put many of our community doctors in one location making it easier for patients and their families to access care. It will also free up space at the hospital allowing us to begin to plan for additional service offerings to expand on the care that we can provide our community locally," Said Goins.

Also part of the $7 million renovation will be updates at MMH. Boilers will be replaced and some electrical work will be replaced. Both are original to the building when it was built in 1954 before opening in 1956.

The hospital plans to solicit bids for both projects sometime in August with construction beginning later this year. Construction of the renovated clinic should be complete in the later part of 2020.

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