Metropolis approves bids for sale and lease of properties

AREIA HATHCOCK | Metropolis Planet

Roger Giltner Jr., second from left, was sworn in as the newest police officer at the Metropolis Police Department. The oath was given by Metropolis City Clerk Jan Adams. Joining Giltner was Public Safety Director Harry Masse and Mayor Billy McDaniel.

By adoption of ordinances on Monday night, the Metropolis City Council approved two bids for the sale and lease of properties. During the mayor's report to the council, a bid of $2970 was accepted from SherrieMae Pam for a lot at 1120 Vienna St. The lot had been acquired by the city for the demolition of the structure on it.

A bid for a five-year lease of farmland located near the Metropolis Airport was awarded to Matthew Douglas in the amount of $14,000 per year for cash rent. The parcel of land is 106 acres. The city is still accepting bids for a five-year cash lease of farmland located in the Industrial Park off Devers Road.

Also during the mayor's report, the council approved extending its mowing contract with Ethan Sommer for 2020.

Although the swearing in of a new police officer for the Metropolis Police Department, Roger Giltner Jr., was on the agenda, it was postponed until Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. at city hall.

During the water, light and street committee report to the council, a motion was approved to proceed with improvements and road repairs on the service road in front of Huddle House and Acee's.

The project was awarded to Quint Utilities and Excavating in the amount of $75,494. It will include replacing the galvanized tile under the road, widening the road with concrete and aggregate, cleaning the culverts and drainage ditches, and filling in the drop-offs on the sides of the asphalt that has been created by drainage problems and semis.

Traffic will be detoured through the back entrance to Acee's during the project.

Also during the WLS report, the council approved the purchase of three vacuum switches and fuses for the capacitor bank at the south substation in the amount of $5900 from Anixter. The vacuum switches controls the balance of electricity and keeps power going where it should be within the city's electric circuit.

A motion was also approved to lease the library property to the Metropolis Public Library Board in the amount of $1 per year. After the library and city split as two different government entities, insurance companies would not grant property insurance to the board because the property was still in the city's name on the deed. The lease will allow the library board to attain the needed insurance.

During Corporate Counsel Rick Abell's report, he alerted the council and residents there are companies telemarketing calls to homes to sell them community solar energy. "If Metropolis citizens are contacted by companies wanting them to buy into "community solar," they need to understand that they can't. Buying an interest in a community solar project is like buying a timeshare. The buyer/owner receives a credit for part of the solar output based upon their ownership. However, your electric supplier has to be able to process your credits using a software system that is commonly referred to as "virtual net metering." That type of software system is extremely expensive and is only cost effective for investor owned utilities with hundreds of thousand of customers. As a consequence, the city's ordinances expressly prohibit community solar projects for our customers. We do allow individual solar installations within our guidelines," said Abell.

In other business, the board:

• Approved a motion to see bids for the sale of Lot 4 in the Industrial Park Second Addition.

• And, adopted an ordinance ratifying a collective bargaining agreement with the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 318.

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