Excitement is building for the 2020 Miss Metropolis Scholarship Competition, set for 4:30 p.m. Sunday at the Metropolis Community Center in Metropolis, with four contestants competing for the title of Miss Metropolis 2020.

During the evening, the Miss Metropolis Outstanding Teen and the Shawnee Sweetheart Outstanding Teen will also be crowned as well as the Miss Metropolis Mentoring Program Princesses.

"This year, due to an insufficient number of candidates required to hold the teen portion of the competition, myself and my co-director, Leesa Foster, made the decision to appoint the two, very capable and deserving young ladies who have shown interest in the teen titles since sign up day," said Sandy Farmer executive director. "Both Yolina Lindquist and Kaitlyn Williams will participate in all of the competition categories the night of the event; however, they will not be judged as they are already appointed to the positions."

Emily Travis Hargrove, Miss Metropolis Outstanding Teen 2008, Miss Illinois Outstanding Teen 2008 and Miss Metropolis 2015 will emcee the event.

Miss Metropolis

• Autumn Cofield, 18, of Metropolis; daughter of Alana Short and Shawn Cofield; talent: speed painting to "This is Me;" social impact initiative: Liberty Swing

• Campbell Neely, 18, of Metropolis; daughter of Greg and Carrie Neely; talent: vocal to "How He Loves" by David Crowder; social impact initiative: See the Need -- Be the Change: Volunteer

• Maddison Thompson, 19, of Anna; daughter of Brandie Watkins and Tracy Thompson; talent: hula hoop to "Teeth" by 5 Seconds of Summer; social impact initiative: Together We Rise

• Jordan Tolbert, 17, of Metropolis; daughter of Janet Bunch; talent: flute solo to "Sicilienne" by Gabriel Faure; social impact initiative: A Clean Home

They will compete in personal interview, talent, eveningwear/social impact statement and an on-stage question.

The Outstanding Teens

• Yolina Lindquist, 16, of Metropolis; daughter of Lars and Leila Lindquist; talent: comedic skit; social impact initiative: YES! Youth Empowerment with Style

• Kaitlyn Williams, 17, of Metropolis; daughter of Lewis and Casey Williams; talent: flute solo to "I See the Light;" social impact initiative: Stronger Together

These ladies will do an onstage exhibition of their talent, evening wear/onstage question, lifestyle and fitness apparel and will participate in personal interviews earlier in the day.

This year marks the 12th annual princess participation. There are seven young ladies participating in the 2020 Miss Metropolis Mentoring Program, and each of them have the opportunity to attend the 2020 Miss Illinois Pageant, which will be held in June.

The program is designed to be a mentoring program so the four young ladies who are competing for Miss Metropolis will mentor the seven princess participants before and during the pageant.

Miss Metropolis Mentoring Program Princesses

• Hadley Baker, 8, of Metropolis; daughter of Laken Atkinson and Steven Baker

• Phoebe Daniels, 7, of Metropolis; daughter of Nicole Daniels and Ronnie Daniels

• Emerson Eskridge, 8, of Metropolis; daughter of Carly and Austin Eskridge

• Mikenna Hamilton, 5; daughter of Freda Walker and Michael Hamilton

• Leja Lindquist, 6, of Metropolis; daughter of Lars and Leila Lindquist

• Avery Miller, 5, of Brookport; daughter of Samantha and Brittany Miller

• Layla Wilson, 6, of Metropolis; daughter of Daniel and Amanda Holbrook

Ticket prices are $10 in advance if purchased from any contestant; from Farmer at 618-645-0363; or Leesa Foster, co-director, at 618-638-6507. Tickets at the door will be $11. Program books will be $3 each. Refreshments will be provided.

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