Take it to NASA engineer to try to explain the various aspects of the Superman mythos, from his standpoint as a space researcher.

Dennis Stocker of the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, will present NASA and the Science of Superman at 1:30 p.m. Saturday inside Kryptopolis Viewing Room, AKA Massac County Courthouse Annex, located on the corner of Market and West Eighth streets.

Stocker will present this one time showing to Celebration visitors.

The program will include a discussion of Superman's powers to determine -- is Superman faster than a speeding bullet; is he more powerful than a locomotive; and can he leap tall buildings in a single bound?

From Superman's creation in 1938, the "man of tomorrow" has been rooted in science fiction. Superman's origin and abilities will be contrasted at this special presentation on Saturday morning with science facts underlying some of NASA's amazing accomplishments.

Stocker is an aerospace engineer with NASA. His primary responsibility is in microgravity combustion research conducted on the International Space Station.

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