For many people, the old adage of “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” is the motto they have lived by throughout their lives. Often times, this philosophy has served them well. However, at some point in life, it has failed many people. Depression often affects people to the extent former ways of coping with life’s struggles no longer are effective.

These are the times when people need assistance in finding their way out of the darkness depression causes.

New Beginnings therapists, using cognitive behavioral therapy, assist their group members in recognizing causes and types of depression as well as depressive symptom clusters, moods and behaviors. Armed with this knowledge, group members are taught to identify their negative thoughts and self-defeating behaviors. Through a process of retraining and reframing their thinking, members learn appropriate coping skills to handle stressful situations in the future.

“The therapists’ expertise helped me to develop self-esteem so I didn’t have to be anyone’s doormat any longer. I‘ve learned it is okay to cry and feel emotions. I’ve learned I have an inner strength from going through New Beginnings.

“I’ve learned to live each day to its fullest regardless of adversity. I can now cope with whatever life gives me,” said a former group member.

Since its inception in September 2010, New Beginnings has been providing intensive outpatient mental health services to many senior citizens in Metropolis and the surrounding area. Often feeling lonely, nervous, angry, hopeless or worthless, participants in the program are learning why they feel this way.

They are learning to understand and cope with emotional issues such as a depressed mood, unresolved grief, anxiety, isolation, deterioration of physical health and low self-esteem.

The services New Beginnings provide include group therapy, individual therapy, marital therapy, family therapy, nursing education, medication management, socialization and networking with other agencies.

Providing these services are Dr. Ron Johnson, psychiatrist; Kim Abell, program director and licensed therapist; licensed therapists; registered nurses and certified nurse’s aides. Transportation coordination is provided within a 40 mile radius.

New Beginnings accepts referrals from anyone which includes primary care physicians, family members, friends or the person in need.

Anyone interested in the services provided by New Beginnings, can call 618-524-7370 for more information.

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