Even though our weather continues to be like a ‘yo-yo’, overall we are headed in the right direction, I think. You never really know if we will get some rain or not, but at least we haven’t had any downpours. It is spring, and like the saying, ‘April showers bring May flowers.” I think I speak for everyone that we all are ready for some 70 degree temperatures. It’s time to get our gardens out, flowers planted and our yards spruced up. I know our farmers are already busy getting their planting season started.

We have a few from our area in need of our thoughts and prayers — Trish McNichols, Robby Van Hook and Mary Lou Stratmeyer. Prayers that you are feeling better this week.

Well it seems our governor feels like we need to keep social distancing until the last of May. We have been very fortunate to have only had four cases so far in Massac county and three of them have recovered. But, our small businesses are hurting and need to get opened back up. Our restaurants have been able to do curbside or drive through window, but retail stores, and hair salons have not had any income since the middle of March. Please try to help out our local businesses as much as you can. I know most have filed for unemployment, but I haven’t heard of any of them receiving any thus far, or the stimulus.

Happy Birthday wishes are sent this week to Brian Casey, Krissy Steward, Klay Smith, Debbie Williams and a big happy 1st to Sadie Travis.

Happy April anniversary wishes are sent to Jack and Heather Rigsby.

By now, most have heard I caused a commotion last week on Staton Ridge. I had an accident with my chainsaw resulting in ambulance ride to Baptist Health, then surgery that evening. After an overnight stay I came home on Thursday. I’ve had to take it easy and keep my leg elevated until I go back to the surgeon on Wednesday. I’m doing OK, not much pain. It’s just hard to rest when you begin to feel better and want to get up and get things done outside.

Thanks to everyone who responded that day especially my nephew, Jeremy, who was home and came as soon as I called. Thanks to everyone who called or texted their prayers. I love being in a community where everyone cares what happens to a friend.

Wishing everyone a great week.

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