I am so glad we woke to sunshine this Monday morning after the wet, damp weekend.

But I saw from everyone's Facebook posts, we didn't let the yucky weather destroy our Mother's Day with our Moms and family. In actuality, we shouldn't have to have a special day set aside to spend time with either of our parents. It should be a daily occurrence as we never know when it will be our last.

I'm glad to report that Rex Marshanks is home from the hospital following open heart surgery. Even though he is glad to be home, he is finding things to be slow going. We are sending our heartfelt prayers to him for a speedy recovery.

I totally forgot to welcome back to our community in January, Vivian Burton Scott and her husband, Austin. After their marriage a couple years ago, Vivian had moved over to Kevil, Kentucky, but now they are back to our community and glad to have them.

Our heart goes out to the family of Boyd Stewart, who passed away last week. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Alma; his son, Ricky; and the rest of his family.

Boyd was a great guy and a good friend to so many. He read my article faithfully and was always kidding me about my learning to drive my zero turn mower. He will be missed.

Happy birthday wishes are sent this week to Jack Medley, Darryl Logeman, Austin and Vivian Scott and Reyanne.

Our auditorium was full for Mother's Day services with several visitors present. We welcome all of our visitors back.

We honored several special mothers Sunday during services. The newest mom with 3-week-old Sadie was Kristen Travis; the mom with the most kids and grandkids present was Ann Burton; the mom with the oldest child present was Paula Cummins's mom, Alice Parkins; and three special moms were honored also. Lerenda and Brenda Rushing for choosing their child through adoption and Krissy Steward as a foster mom. Congratulations to all these moms and all the moms, as they special as well.

Also, this Mother's Day we had Granvil and Kristen Travis dedicate their second daughter, 3-week-old Sadie Joy, to the Lord before services. Our prayers are with them as they as parents choose to raise both their daughters in the church.

Don't forget to sign up for the Paint Party for the youth on Saturday, May 25 from 1-3 p.m. as soon as possible. The sheet is in the vestibule.

Also mark your calendars for New Hope's annual Homecoming activities on Sunday, May 26. Joe Arview will be bringing our special music that day, and our potluck dinner will be held afterwards in the FLC. Everyone is invited to join us. Ryan and Jennifer Travis, along with their three children, are home after a week's vacation in Destin enjoying the sunshine and much warmer temperatures. They also took a day and traveled to Walt Disney World. It was a bit of a shock for them returning home to our cool temperatures.

Here is wishing everyone a great week. Let's hope it warms up some, and we have days of sunshine.

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