I hope everyone didn’t keep searching the paper last week for my article. I was on vacation and just decided to take a vacation from my article, too.

Our hot and humid temperatures continue as July draws to an end this week and August begins. Even though we did receive a little rain, our end of the county sure could use more.

Granvil, Kristen, Maybelle, and Sadie Travis along with Kristen’s family members returned home last week from a week’s vacation to Myrtle Beach, S.C. The girls got to enjoy the beach for the first time.

Bree and I returned home Friday evening from our week vacationing in Panama City Beach. We just enjoyed the week trying out new restaurants in the area, and enjoying the huge waves of the ocean.

It just so happened Coach Hosman and family were also vacationing at the same resort. It’s always good to see friends when on the road.

New Hope’s Virtual VBS was in session last week and was watched by several. We had passed out close to 80 bags and had others not signed up to join us. A big thanks goes to those who made the virtual week possible, Kathy Hutcherson and Ryan and Jennifer Travis.

Even though it wasn’t our usual way of enjoying the week, those that took part really enjoyed it. A big thanks also goes to the parents for making sure their children tuned in each evening and did their crafts. Hopefully next we will be able to return to our old VBS way and also the return of our penny wars between the boys and girls.

Jacob Hunerkoch, Buffalo, was home over the weekend for his brothers, Justin and Juscenda’ s wedding and reception Saturday evening at the Sampson’s Whitetail Mountain Lodge. Congratulations to them.

Happy Birthday wishes are sent to several over these

past two weeks.

Debbie Atchley, Jennifer and Briley Travis, Maci Stratmeyer, Frank Forthman, Bruce Staton, Quinton Travis, Paul Johnson, Jaxon and Lora Jacobs, Blake Travis, and Maxine McBride. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out.

Happy July anniversary wishes are sent to Randy and Cindy Turner, Aaron and Tori Aul, and Charles and Starla Price.

It’s also that time of year again for the 9 Day Trail ride.

Wishing everyone a great week. Hopefully our temperatures will cool a little for them.

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