It definitely is spring. Mother Nature can’t seem to decide which weather she’d rather have. Cloudy and cool, rainy, or sunny and warm. I must say above all the uncertainties we are facing with the corona irus, I’m ready to get my yard mowed, shrubs trimmed and trees thinned.

Happy Birthday wishes are sent to little Eva Forthman, Ann Burton and Becky Hollis.

As we all face the shelter in place order by our governor, we have had to cancel the wedding shower Sunday for Austin Travis and Lindsey Taylor until a later time. Their wedding is planned for May 16 at New Hope, and hopefully it won’t have to be postponed also.

Congratulations to Justin Hunerkoch and Jusenda Bouska on their marriage over the weekend.

It was uplifting to see so many churches sharing their Sunday morning message on Facebook live. It just shows our Lord is here with us. He won’t let us down.

Without Facebook posts this week, we would have not learned that our area is rallying around each other in our time of need. So glad to see Massac Unit 1 is providing meals for all the kids with a visit from some familiar faces. Don’t you know the younger ones don’t really comprehend what is happening to our country.

Everyone is rallying to help our local restaurants stay afloat by ordering take out and curb service. A group from the Joppa area made some much needed mask for a local nursing home. Neighbors are checking on elderly neighbors, offering to shop for their groceries and other necessities so they don’t have be exposed. Families sitting down as a family for a meal together, and spending time enjoying each others company. The list could go on.

But heartbreaking to see parents who work in the healthcare system making the selfless decision to place their kids with family members for several days to eliminate their possible exposure to babysitters and their kids.

One last thing....please quit hoarding food, and other necessities for those with elderly family members at home. Have a blessed week, and continue to shelter in place. They are advising us that this week is going to get worse. Prayers for all reading this, and beyond.

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