Our fall temperatures continue, and everyone is loving it. We finally got some much needed rain Monday morning. I don’t know how much we actually got but it was a slow rain that could soak in. Hopefully it’s enough to settle the dust, but not hamper the farmers much in continuing their harvest.

Perfect weather for venturing with the kids to the pumpkin patches, the parks for a hike, and camping with a fire at night. Hope one of these day to be able to go camping for at least a couple weeks, if I can find someone to let me tag along.

Continue to remember me in your prayers. I am finally feeling better after getting the COVID virus. Just after three weeks I still have no taste, smell or appetite, and the doctors say it may just take me longer than others. My main problem is my sciatica pain is back and worse than a month ago. Hopefully another round of steroids, stretching, and chiropractor visits can help until I get the MRI in a couple weeks. This is the worst pain I have ever endured. None of my surgeries hurt more than a day or so.

Melissa, Mackenzie, Madison and Marik McGhee were in last week visiting with her dad, Bill Crannick, and his sister, Jean. All of them, plus Nancy Beal, went out to celebrate Bill and Jean’s birthdays last week.

Congratulations to brother Frank and Sara on becoming grandparents again last week. Their daughter, Katie, and Orlandus Hill welcomed their second daughter, Mira Iris Lou Hill. She was a few weeks early but mom and Mira are doing well. Mira weighted 5 pounds, 12 ounces, and was 19 1/4 inches long. Mira has three siblings at home that are excited of her arrival: brothers Aiden, and Avery, and sister Ma’Leiah. Congratulations to everyone.

Happy birthday wishes are sent to several again this week. Bill Crannick, his sister, Jean; Jeremy Staton, Nicki Burton, and Larry Villarreal.

Happy September anniversary wishes are sent to Kent and Donna Korte, Eddie and Becky Hollis, Bubba and Krissy Steward, Frankie and Casey Forthman, Lee and Sue Elting, and Brian and Valerie Miller.

October arrives this week, and I’m hoping our wonderful weather continues. We will be having a drive-thru trunk or treat for Halloween this week. More detail as time arrives.

Wishing everyone a great week.

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