I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m ready to see the month of May in my rearview mirror. Going from sweating to shivering within a day is quite a shock. I don’t remember a May having such drastic changes. Let’s hope June brings us warm temperatures to stay.

We have had several not feeling well this past week. Billy and Julie Travis remain at home from being really sick last week. Ann Burton continues to have problems with her blood pressure and vertigo, and Jean Travis fell recently and is slowly recovering. Our prayers are with them and the others that haven’t been well this past week.

We have had several from our area who have been traveling the last couple weeks. Jennifer Collier and friend Allison Garrett, along with Milledge Mescher, spent a week in Riverside, California. Milledge arrived on his daughter’’s doorstep giving her a surprise. While Milledge visited with his daughter, Beverly Aevondo, Jennifer and Allison visited nearby national parks and other historical sites for some great hiking. With the wonders of Facebook, we all enjoyed the sights. Thanks for sharing with us, Jennifer, Glad to have all of you home safe.

Bree Rushing arrived home Saturday evening from spending the week in Cape San Blas, California, with her boyfriend, Luke Carnine and family. They enjoyed the week on the beach taking in the sun, playing games, nighttime bonfires and enjoying fresh seafood. I’m glad to have her home.

Austin and Lesley Travis are home from a week in Panama City Beach with friends.

Hannah Wrye and friends also spent the week in Panama City Beach. It was good to see everyone’s pics on Facebook.

Brian, Georgie, Eva and Ivy Casey spent the weekend in St. Louis enjoying the Union Station Aquarium and the Zoo.

Happy birthday wishes are sent to Miranda Burton, Carolyn Villarreal and Kasen Hunerkoch.

Happy May anniversary wishes are sent to Jeremy and Carlene Staton, Jason and Lora Jacobs, and the Newmans.

It felt so good to be back in our sanctuary for Sunday morning services as it was also our annual Homecoming. We had several in person and others joining online, as well a several visitors. Afterwards, we all gatherin’ in the FLC for a delicious potluck dinner.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend for the real reason — honoring those who lost their lives fighting for the freedom we all enjoy.

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