We sure are having a lot of weather changes as we begin our new year.

Our first snowfall of the new year was welcomed by all who love the snow. It can bring so much beauty to our barren land of winter. And so much fun for all the kids, as well as adults, to enjoy outside activities. It brings out the kid in all of us. Who doesn’t love to go sledding.

But from snow came a weekend of thunder, lightening and pouring rain. We are seeing a lot of flooding. Too much rain for winter I think. I wonder how much snow we could have gotten instead of the rain if the temperatures were cooler. I’m hoping last week’s snow won’t be the last for this winter.

We have had several in our area battling COVID as well as the flu. Prayers are sent to them all that they are on the road to recovery.

My sister-in-law Twila Staton remains in the hospital with COVID. She is on the road to recovery, getting stronger and hopefully home later this week. Thanks to all for their texts, messages and prayers.

Happy birthday wishes are sent to Heather Oliver, Silas Uhlry, Aubrey Travis, Dwight Travis and Kent Bowman.

We just learned this afternoon that Bill Burton unfortunately fell at home, hitting his head. He is suffering a skull fracture and small brain bleed. He has been admitted to the hospital and doing OK, maybe going home soon. Our prayers are sent to him for complete recovery and to his family.

Wishing all a great week.

It seems COVID is overtaking our area as well as nation wide. Let’s all do our best to help minimize exposure so we can get this terrible disease contained. We have lost so many to COVID, young as well as old.

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