We are finally getting a taste of winter with our cold temperatures, but what would make it even better? Snow! We did have a few flurries up on the ridge over the weekend, but hopefully come Thursday, we will get a few inches.

You know me. When winter arrives, we need some of the white stuff to make me, the kids and all the snow lovers happy.

2022 has arrived, and everyone is hoping it will be a better year than the last two, but with the Omicron variant rampant, it’s not starting out good. The predictions are that January is going to be a very bad month.

We continue to hear of several becoming sick with COVID, unfortunately some have passed away. We just heard this morning that our nephew, Luke Urness on the Rushing side, passed away in Racine, Wisconsin, from complications of COVID. Our thoughts and prayers are sent to all his family there and here.

My sister-in-law Twila Staton is slowly recovering from COVID. She remains in the hospital in Paducah on oxygen, but hopes to be home soon. Thanks everyone for all your prayers and texts.

Bill Sommer continues to recover at Metropolis Rehabilitation & Health Care Center from his hip surgery. I hear he is doing well. Our thoughts and prayers continue for his complete recovery. Continue to remember the family of Karen Logeman in your thoughts and prayers. Her sudden passing has left a void in some many people’s lives who knew her, especially her son Colten and family, and her parents and sisters, good friends and her neighbors. Happy birthday wishes are sent to Carlene Staton and to Zachary Travis, who is currently stationed in Montana in the Air Force. Hope everyone has a great week. Parents, teachers and the kids have to get back in the school mode this week after a two-week vacation.

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