May has arrived with cooler temperatures than normal, but the good news is that we will have summer like temperatures by week’s end. If the forecast holds true — mid-80s and humidity, they say — we all will be turning our air conditioners on.

Warmer temperatures just in time for schools to close for the summer. Time to begin thinking of vacations, days on the lake, picnics and the other activities enjoyed in the summer.

We have had our share of rain recently, but maybe it will be holding off for awhile. So many outside activities need to be finished by us all, especially the farmers.

Graduations have already occurred. I hope to have a list of all the graduates from our area to mention next week.

The Burton and Hunerkoch families have had a couple visitors over the last couple weeks. Jerason Gines. from Chicago. was home visiting with his mom, Carol Crew. and other family members. Then Jacob Hunerkoch, of Buffalo, was home visiting with his mom, Patty Hunerkoch, and other family. All families were glad to have them home for a visit. It’s always a good thing when son’s come home, if even for a short visit.

Happy birthday wishes from the last couple weeks include Jason and Emilie Ashworth, Austin and Vivian Scott, Jack Medley and Tyler Jones.

Next Sunday morning, New Hope will honor all our graduates. They will be presented with Bibles and best wishes to continue to journey.

The time is finally coming for us to return to the church sanctuary for church services. Mark your calendars for New Hope’s annual homecoming returning the last Sunday of the month, May 30, with services starting at 11 a.m in the church sanctuary. Followed by a meal in the FLC.

The first Sunday in June, we will return to the church on Sundays, starting with our usual Sunday school starting at 10 a.m. and services at 10:50 a.m.

Remember, if your child is interested in attending Vacation Bible School at New Hope, you need to register them ahead of time on our church Facebook page. It will help the leader and teacher prepare. It will be held June 21-25 from 6-8 p.m. There will be a meeting for all the VBS teachers and helpers on May 25; please try to attend.

Ann Burton, along with her sister, Laverne Warner, from Cape Girardeau, traveled with Patty Hunerkoch and Carol Crew to Kentucky over the weekend and enjoyed visiting the Creation Museum and The Ark. Both were amazing exhibits to see and well worth the trip if you haven’t been.

Jackie and Stephen Parker, of Fort Myers, have been visiting with Kathy Hutcherson the last few days as they prepared for Terry’s memorial Saturday evening. It was a beautiful memorial that was attended by several. May you RIP, Terry, you are missed by so many family and friends.

Wishing everyone a great week. Enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures.

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