July has arrived with a bang as the fireworks were flying like crazy over the weekend. It was great to see so many people shooting them off. I see them as a celebration of our freedom, which is what the Fourth is about. This July has been more eventful than last, time for us to get our lives on the right track.

At all those fireworks were families and friends gathering to have a great time.

A big thanks goes to Kevin and Nicki Burton for hosting their annual Fourth with a picnic with tons of food, games for all and an awesome firework display this year. Can’t wait till next year.

July also arrived

with so much needed rain. It came as downpours than ran off quickly, but hopefully it absorbed as it went. The farmers sure were in need as several had started irrigating already. Our flowers

and gardens were needing a drink, too. Hopefully July will

allow us some rain periodically, and not have those long dry spells with 90 degree temps.

We continue to remember Marcy Travis as she slowly recovers from her fall and surgery. Our continued thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

Gloria Smith, along with Krissy, Kinzee and Kaezley Steward, and Kaeley and Lincoln Price, returned home last week from several days on the road. They stopped in Gatlinburg for a couple days where they made so memorable hotel memories, then on to Fort Mill, South Carolina, to pick up a good friend, Kandi Corzine. She joined them on their journey to Tybee Island where they enjoyed four days of beach time, shopping and eating at different places. They had a blast. They dropped Kandi off at home and then went back to Gatlinburg for a couple days before returning home.

Happy birthday wishes are sent this week to Justin Hunerkoch.

July is here with a couple opportunities for your kids. Church camp at Camp Mac begins next week followed by a week of the Massac County Youth Fair. Lots of fun for them.

Continuing to wish everyone a great summer. Take each day for what it brings, enjoying the days.

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