Frosty mornings almost looked like a dusting of snow! Mother Nature is giving us a sample of what lies ahead, maybe. She’s teasing us with our 70 degrees Monday. As usual, the transition to winter from fall is full of several ups and downs. t’s better to just enjoy the warm days by getting outside while you can.

Did anyone forget to “fall back” over the weekend? It sure makes for a long night when it gets dark at 5 — another change we have to get used to when fall arrives.

We send our thoughts and prayers to those in our area that are affected by COVID. Hope you all are feeling better soon.

Our thoughts and prayers are sent to Lerenda Travis and family as her dad, Tom McCarver, from the Joppa area, passed away over the weekend.

I’m sending a big shout out to the amazing ladies at First Christian Church for the delicious salad luncheon they prepared Saturday, Nov. 6, for their annual Craft Fair/Luncheon. It was the first year I’ve stayed for the luncheon and won’t be the last. Maxine McBride stopped by, and we enjoyed our lunch. It was so good, as was the chicken and dumplings and chicken salad I took home. If you haven’t attended their annual fundraiser, be sure to put it on your list for next November and stop by. It’s always best to shop locally to help all those in our area. COVID put a damper on a lot of fundraisers since last year.

Happy birthday wishes are sent this week to Elizabeth Collier, Debbie Staton and Rachel Burton.

Just a reminder our annual Thanksgiving dinner will be in a couple weeks — Sunday, Nov. 21, starting at 6 p.m. in our FLC. Turkey, dressing, rolls and drinks will be provided, just bring dishes and desserts and join us for an evening of fellowship and giving thanks. Everyone is invited to join us.

Thanks to Brian Comer for bringing our morning message Sunday. Everyone enjoyed his message.

Brother Frank was on his way home from Springfield where he attended the IBSA Pastors Convention during the week. Also attending was Frank’s sister, Jacinda and husband Justin Reynolds and their son from near the area.

It seems the stink bugs have left us, but several are seeing the ladybugs now. At least the ladybugs are cuter.

Wishing everyone a great week. Prayers to all our farmers as they continue to work hard getting their crops harvested before Mother Nature prevents them.

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