Our temperatures continue to fluctuate — the 60s are nice, but then those 20'=s in the early mornings are a little on the chilly side. We sure did have a heavy frost up here on the ridge this morning. 

Our thoughts and prayers continue with those affected by the tornadoes. Except for the couple days of rain, they have had nice weather to get a lot of cleanup accomplished, but there is so much more that has to be done. 

It has been beyond amazing to see on Facebook all the donations of every kind transported to all the different areas affected, as well as numerous meals served and volunteers in so many different capacities. Help has come from several states away. Such an awesome display of compassion from strangers. 

Jacob Hunerkoch, of Buffalo. and Jerason Gines, of Chicago, were home over the weekend for the Burton annual Christmas get-together Saturday evening at the church's FLC. Plenty of food, games for all, and presents galore. 

Happy birthday wishes are sent to Sarah and Frankie Forthman, Jack Rigsby and Terry Oliver. 

I'm wishing all the adults a great Christmas dinner and evening on Tuesday. 

Our prayers are sent to Bill Sommer as I heard this Monday afternoon that he fell breaking a hip and had to have surgery.  Thoughts and prayers are sent for a speedy recovery. 

I'm wishing all those reading this a very Merry Christmas, but I know several are missing their loved ones this year. I have a poem to share with you that I saw on Facebook recently. It's entitled:

One More Day

By Lorna Gibson

If Christmas is hard,

If your've lost someone dear,

Just look in your heart,

And you'll know they're still here.

The star in the sky,

The light falling snow,

The robin outside,

It seems like they know.

If this is a time,

When you're struggling through,

Just do what you can,

For what matters is you.

There's no need to be merry,

There's no need to be bright.

Just do what you can,

It will all be alright.

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