Aug. 16

Metropolis officers arrested two 15-year-old juveniles. One of the juveniles was charged with retail theft and the other was chargeds with possession of alcohol by a minor. The juveniles were seen on video taking a bottle of vodka from the Citgo on 5th Street. Both were released to their parents pending a court date.

While on patrol, a Metropolis officer checked the rest area adjacent to I-24. The officer observed a blue Nissan parked in the south lot. A computer check indicated that the vehicle was reported stolen out of Nebraska. The occupant, Andrew A Nemeth, 28, Omaha, Nebraska, was taken into custody. During a search, two glass “bongs” which contained methamphetamine residue were found. Nemeth was charged with possession of a stolen motor vehicle and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was taken to the Massac County Detention Center.

Aug. 17

Cesar V. Mounts, 29, Metropolis, was arrested at the Metropolis Police Department. Mounts was wanted on a warrant issued by Kendall County, for failure to register as a sex offender. Cesar was taken to the Massac County Detention Center.

Aug. 18

David E. Williams, 40, Metropolis, was arrested at 6th and Ophia streets, on a warrant was issued by Massac County for theft. Williams was taken to the Massac County Detention Center.

Metropolis officers were called to a disturbance at C&W Auto Repair on W. 10th St. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the manager who said that Michael D. Anderson, 47, Metropolis, had entered the store screaming and yelling for the owner. When he was advised that the owner was out of town, he allegedly threatened the manager. Upon arrival, officers observed Anderson acting irrationally, jumping around yelling and screaming at traffic.

Anderson wanted his vehicle back which had been towed due to a previous arrest. He did not want to pay for the tow bill. Anderson then began screaming at the MPD sergeant and invading his space. Anderson then started walking away. The manager/victim advised that he would sign a complaint for aggravated assault. Anderson then entered the restaurant next door. When being advised he was under arrest, Anderson fought the officers and a Massac County deputy who stopped to assist. A taser was deployed and Anderson quit fighting.

Anderson was charged with aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He was taken to the Massac County Detention Center.

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