Good evening everyone on another blessed Lord's Day in Reevesville. The Lord sure has been good to us, hasn't He.

I sure hope that everyone had a good New Year. I wasn't able to eat any of the traditional foods, and haven't made any resolutions yet. However if I had made one, it would definitely have been to lose weight. So I suppose I'm off to a good start by missing the cornbread.

Reevesville has some new signs round and about as the county has posted speed limit signs here and there, as well as a merging road sign, over by Wright lane. We're just about in the big leagues now, and feeling quite civilized.

I want to send a special get well soon to my good friend, Allan Penrod. Allan broke his wrist on Christmas Day, and had to have some stitches just this week. Allan always sends candy through his brother Wes, for me and another co-worker of mine. Thank you, Allan, we've always thoroughly enjoyed all your hospitality. Allan and Wes are from the Cobden area, and you couldn't ask for better people to have as friends.

The House of Prayer of Reevesville was blessed to be able to visit with our good friends at Hillview Healthcare this afternoon. As always, the residents and staff, have been a blessing to us, and we always enjoy our time with them. Thank you all for having us! It is always an honor.

In the Parable of the Ten Virgins, what did they say that was required to meet the Bridegroom? For the answer to this week's Bible quiz, turn to Matthew 25.

A young boy is pulling his wagon up a hill when one of the back wheels falls off and rolls down the hill. The young boy says, "I'll be darned." A local pastor heard him and said, "You should not say that. Next time your wheel falls off say, 'Praise the Lord.'" So the next day the young boy is pulling his wagon up the hill and the wheel falls off and rolls down the hill. The young boy says, "Praise the Lord." The wheel stops rolling, turns around, rolls back up the hill and puts itself back on the wagon. The young boy being very surprised by this exclaims, "I'll be darned!"

A woman answered the doorbell with a man standing on her porch. The man said, "I'm terribly sorry. I just ran over your cat and I would like to replace it for you." The woman replied, "Well that's all right with me, but how are you at catching mice?"

Until next week, see you in church.

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