Way too often, older homes in this area are neglected and allowed to rot away to the point they have to be torn down. A recent example was the Elliott Home, about a block behind the Dairy Queen.

Thanks to Reda and Tony Krueger, another old home at 207 E. Fourth St. has been rehabilitated and will not suffer the same fate.

I don't know who the last residents of the home were, but most older people in town remember when Jessie Sanders, and her son, Lee, were the occupants. After graduating from college, Lee moved to Los Angles to pursue his career. When Jessie retired from her education career, she also moved to California.

Lee is the genius behind the music for the television show, "The Amazing Race."

The Sanders Home is apparently older than it looks because when remodeling it, the Kruegers found at least part of it was constructed with square nails.

Of course, the home has now been modernized inside with stainless steel appliances, and a laundry room and half bath added. The master bedroom on the main level has a full bath and walk-in closet.

The main level has hardwood floors, and a beautiful spiral staircase. The house is larger than it looks as there are three bedrooms and a full bath upstairs. Also, upstairs on the front is a sunroom, which overlooks Washington Park and the Metropolis Library.

One of the most interesting and mysterious parts of the home is the basement. It is divided into several main rooms and also small enclosures. While one of the enclosures was probably for coal storage or an oil tank, the others do not seem to have obvious uses. Two or three of the smallest enclosures are up off the floor and have rounded brick ceilings.

Tony Krueger said when they bought the house a wooden wall sectioned off the front part of the basement so the smallest rooms could not be seen.

Behind the house on the alley is a carriage house with large bi-fold doors. It is apparently not as old as the home, but can easily hold two Model A Fords.

The large front porch on the house has an attached portico so a person could step into a carriage or on to the running board of an old car without getting wet.

Of course, older homes are not for everyone, but this one is for sale.

Additional pictures can be found at Clyde Wills on Facebook.

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