Shawnee Community College (SCC) recently announced an upcoming community instructional series focused on two topics currently of interest to many in the local region.

The first topic is on an introduction to drones, which will cover topics such as usage and regulations for both hobbyists and professional users.

Dr. Mary Fischer is certified through Embry Riddle Aeronautics for providing instruction on proper use of this emerging technology and will highlight key information that will allow individuals to introduce drones technology into their business or as a certified hobbyist who meets all regulatory standards.

The second program is titled Reflections from Farm Journal's first Hemp College conference.

During this one day-day event, Fischer will discuss the topics regarding the best agronomic practices for hemp production based on her attendance at the recently held Hemp College Conference.

The national conversation regarding hemp production in the U.S. has increasingly become of interest to local farmers. The deregulation of this crop requires that growers quickly become informed on topics such as seed selection, disease management and the latest in harvesting practices.

The dates for each event are as follows, with all classes from 5:30-7:30 p.m.:

Reflections from Hemp College

• Tuesday, Oct. 29, SCC Anna Extension

• Tuesday, Nov. 5, SCC Metropolis Extension

• Tuesday, Nov. 12, SCC Main Campus

Drones and their proper usage

• Thursday, Oct. 31, SCC Metropolis Extension

• Thursday, Nov. 7, 5 SCC Anna Extension

• Thursday, Nov. 14, SCC Main Campus

For more information regarding these programs and other agricultural programs offered at Shawnee College contact Fischer at 618-634-3264 or e-mail

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