Sheriff designates new chief deputy

Chad Kaylor

Massac County has a new chief deputy as of Tuesday morning. Chad Kaylor, who served as investigator, brought a letter from Massac County Sheriff Ted Holder designating Kaylor as the newest chief deputy, following the recent retirement of J.D. Haverkamp, whose last day was June 28.

The designation by Holder was effective July 1. Massac County Deputy Jori Deneve will take over as investigator.

After the commissioners finished with their business and following public comment, they held a construction update conference with RQAW Engineer Lara Dawson by phone and Dale Rudloff from Heartland Mechanical Contractors.

The first topic discussed was the ceiling tiles for the hallways. Commission Chair Jayson Farmer and the commissioners had expected the tiles to go from wall-to-wall, and he is concerned people would be able to see the HVAC unit equipment.

Dawson believes when the tiles are in place it will not be as noticeable.

Rudloff told the board he would try to find an area in the courthouse where the tiles could be installed so the commissioners could see what it will look like.

Rudloff said they have received the other air conditioning unit, and next Monday he will look at the weather to determine when it will be placed. In the last 30 days all the ductwork has been completed, as well as the registers. He said the electrician was there this week working to get the electrical system ready for the air conditioning units to be turned on.

Looking to the next 30 days, Rudloff expects the air conditioning units to be up and running in three weeks.

The other item discussed was a window lentil replacement. The cost to replace the steel over one of the windows in the large courtroom is $8274. Farmer asked Commissioners Jeff Brugger and Jerel Childers for their thoughts.

"I think we need to [have it replaced]," said Childers, with Brugger saying he agreed.

Dawson said she would start on a change order and get it to Rudloff so work can begin on it.

In other business, the board heard from Massac County Highway Engineer Joe Matesevac, who will have the resolution giving maintenance of a portion of Pell Road to the City of Brookport on next Tuesday's agenda.

Matesevac said State's Attorney Josh Stratemeyer has looked over the resolution, and says it is OK.

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