During Wednesday morning’s Massac County Commissioners meeting, Commission Chair Jayson Farmer made a motion to appoint Josh Stratemeyer as the new Massac County State’s Attorney.  He will finish out Massac County State’s Attorney Windhorsts’ term, which will end Nov. 30, 2020.

Farmer explained three week’s ago Patrick Windhorst had submitted his letter of resignation to the board.  After that, the commissioners had drafted a letter to each of the political party leaders.  Farmer said during Wednesday’s meeting the only letter the board had received was from Republican party chairman Brian Bauer, nominating Stratemeyer.

When Massac County Clerk Hailey Miles took roll on the vote, all the commissioners voted unanimously in favor of Stratemeyer’s appointment.  Stratemeyer said he looks forward to serving the people of Massac County.

Stratemeyer has been assistant state’s attorney since Aug. 27, 2013, when he was officially sworn in.

  Stratemeyer was born and raised in Massac County and graduated from Massac County High School in 1997.  Following high school, he went on to the former Paducah Community College, where he went for two years before attending Murray State University, where he graduated in 2001 with a degree in finance.

In 2003, Stratemeyer began law school at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, where he graduated in 2006.  In July 2006 he passed the Illinois Bar Exam and was sworn in November 2006.  While in law school, during his summers, he clerked at Kruger, Henry and Hunter law firm, where he ended up working after graduating.

Stratemeyer, is married to Molly Gentry Stratemeyer and they have three children, Cooper, 11; Chase, 10; and Chaney, 6.

Following Stratemeyer’s appointment, Farmer called Windhorst before the board and presented him with a plaque honoring his years of service as Massac County State’s Attorney.  A going away reception for Windhorst will be held this Friday from 1-4 p.m. at the Courthouse Annex.

Also during the meeting the board entered into a closed session with Massac County Treasurer Jody Haverkamp, along with Stratemeyer and Windhorst, to discuss personnel issues.  The closed session began at 9:01 a.m. and the board returned to open session at 10 a.m.

After returning to open session Haverkamp reported the county’s general fund has $38,479 in it this week, and the county will pay some outstanding bills.  

Massac County Highway Engineer Joe Matesevac reported the county highway department had received a phone call about tree damage on Devers Road. Monday storms and heavy winds moved through the county. The city was notified about that location.  Matesevac said the other call about damage was in the Gallagher subdivision.

He told the board the department will receive its shipment of rock salt soon, but says so far with the mild winter, if the department does not end up using a lot of salt this year, he might not have to order any for next year.

Commissioner Jerel Childers inquired about the highway department’s parts purchases, specifically noting a local auto parts business owner claims the highway department does not buy parts from that business.

According to Matesevac, he lets one of his other employees handle the purchase of parts.  Childers said if the department calls around to find the cheapest prices on parts, then the department should get the cheapest price.  However, he said if the department does not compare prices, he feels the department should spread its business to all of the local parts stores.

Massac County Emergency Manager Brian Horn reported to the commissioners on Dec. 31 when severe weather impacted the southeaster portion of Massac County, the outdoor tornado sirens were activated only in the Brookport area, as that was the area the severe weather was headed.  He said the three outdoor sirens the county is responsible for are Brookport, Joppa and the one near Franklin School.  The remaining sirens are located within the city limits of Metropolis.

Horn said over the weekend he and Dr. Mike Hicks, were able to get the ham radio operational and available to use in the event of a natural disaster.

Horn also brought to the board a memorandum of understanding between Massac County EMA and Rotary International.  Horn said in the event of a natural disaster, the Rotary Club would assist the Emergency Management office by helping to set up and man the volunteer reception center, where spontaneous volunteers would go to assist following a disaster.

According to Metropolis Rotary Club member Joe Miller, the Rotary District 6510 has a database of members who have resources and equipment. Miller who is a disaster response chairman, says the database is primarily Rotarians, but also has other non-Rotarians as well.

Miller said the memorandum would also include an annual fee to the Rotary Club.  He also said Rotary would also assist the county emergency services in the organization of donations and supplies.  

The commissioners approved the memorandum of understanding unanimously.  

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