The 31st annual Superman Road Race was held June 6 with 210 individuals registered, accounting for 177 runners and 33 walkers.

Participants came from as far as California, Missouri, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio, Indiana, Florida and Kentucky, with many wearing costumes. In addition, well over 45 runners were locals.

"We had cloudy and cooler than usual temperatures of just below 80 at start time," said Janet Foster, race director. "And, during the race, a slight shower happen to pass over which was just enough to cool our runners."

In the female division, the overall winner was Ahryavuna Comer of Metropolis with a finish time of 28:44.3 for the four-mile course. The first place masters winner for runners 40 and over was Tara Hadley of Paducah with a finish time of 31:07.4

In the male division, Bryan Holland of Marion, Kentucky was the overall winner with a time of 23:47.9. David Urbanek of Pinckneyville took the masters group in a time of 26:23.9

Local first place finishers included Gracie Turner, female 14 and under, 33:30; Ansley Bailey, female 15 to 19, 29:16; Kristin Turner, female 35 to 39, 33:59.3; Leila Lindquist, female 45 to 49, 35:37.4; Laurie Glass, female 55 to 59, 41:52.1; Gina Dunning, female 60 to 64, 37:20.4; and Shiryl Walquist, female 70 and over, 1:09:20.8.

Second place finishers were Hattie Crockett, female 14 and under, 33:37.6; Evan Allbritten, male 15 to 19, 27:26.4; Andy Walquist, male 20 to 24, 36:54.9; Andrew Leek, male 25 to 29, 36:04; Barry Woodward, male 35 to 39, 31:05; and Troy Lawrence, male 50 to 54, 29:50.

Third place finishers were Brayden Leach, male 14 and under, 37:01.6; Collin Fiorentini, male 15 to 19, 28:18.2; Caleb Duckworth, male 20 to 24, 47:34.9; Hannah Heine, female 14 and under, 40:07.5; Bailey Duckworth, female 15 to 19, 38:25.7; and Kaci Douglas, female 30 to 34, 37:02.6.

Other local participants were: Hannah Rojas, Yolina Lindquist, Rebecca Shepard, Chelsi Werner, Cynthia Beeding, Lindsey Stoner, Kayla Forthman, Molly Jeffords, Amy Rojas and Rachel McClellan.

Also: April Reed, Betsy Jennings, Julie Bailey, Kristi Duckworth, Drake Davenport, Shannon Crockett, Barry Etheridge, Chad Souders, Michael Gentry and Leon Shpayer.

Also: Larry Roberts, Aric Walquist, Jason Luton and Greg Rednour.

"We had many volunteers to help, including the agencies who benefit from the Massac County Unit Way," explained Foster. "For example, the water stations were powered by local Girl Scouts and members of Community Christian Church.

"It truly is a team effort to be able to produce this event for the Superman Celebration, the citizens of the city and those who come to participate in the festivities," concluded Foster.

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