t-shirt fundraiser

Pictured is one of six T-shirts being sold on represent.com to support some small businesses in Metropolis.

With the 2020 Superman Celebration being canceled, many small businesses and restaurants will lose a large portion of revenue they depend on yearly to keep their business going.

To help some of these businesses survive, Nicholas Cara, a regular attendee at the Celebration, has launched #SupportMetropolis campaign fundraisers.

“We as fans will have to wait until 2021 to again experience the family fun and excitement this annual celebration in the bottom corner of Illinois brings to its visitors from around the world. More importantly, the local businesses in the city of Metropolis will also have to wait an entire year for the incredible influx of customers and revenue they yearly plan for, and some depend on, that the Celebration brings,” said Cara.

Specially designed T-shirts, unique to each business, are being sold online at represent.com. So far fundraisers have began for The Super Museum, Sissy’s — A Sweet Shoppe and Creations the Florist. In the coming weeks, fundraisers will be launched for Sixth and Vintage, Super City Antiques and The Metropolis Chamber of Commerce.

The T-shirts have designs representing the store based around a Superman shield-like ribbon. Each of the store will receive 100% of the proceeds from each campaign.

Cara hopes to have all campaigns running by the first week of June which is when the Superman Celebration would have taken place.

Live campaigns can be found online at:




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