Massac County Treasurer Jody Haverkamp told the commissioners at Tuesday morning's commissioners' meeting the county's general fund, after payroll and bills, was a little over $3000.

However, she said the treasurer's office had received circuit clerk fees of $85,000, plus two other checks totaling about $33,000, so with those funds the general fund would be boosted to about $118,000.

Haverkamp said looking ahead, she tentatively plans for property tax bills to be mailed out on July 1, with the first installment date being Thursday, Aug. 15. The second installment date will be Tuesday, October 15, and the mobile home tax deadline will be Sunday, Sept. 15. She stressed the dates are not set in stone, and there is a possibility they could be pushed back.

According to Haverkamp, City National Bank's main branch will accept payments for real estate property taxes this year and, at the beginning of July, Gov.Tech will be available for property owners to pay their bills online.

Massac County Clerk Hailey Miles explained briefly she has to contact each taxing district for each one sign off on its tax levy information, and it takes awhile to get it done. Miles does not want to see the county rushing to get the tax bills mailed.

Massac County Sheriff's Department Investigator Chad Kaylor reported to the board that the detention center was full over the weekend with over 40 inmates. Kaylor said one of the sheriff's department bills from Office Depot, which had late fees and finances charges. He explained the sheriff's department could end up paying close to $700 additional dollars on bills, which are the result of the late fees and finances charges being added and suggested those bills from the sheriff's department be given first priority on payment.

In other business:

• The board signed routine paperwork for Massac County Supervisor of General Assistance Lori Walters.

• And, heard from Massac County Emergency Management Director Brian Horn, who again said Massac County would not meet the damage threshold of over $58,000 in order to receive any state or federal funding for the recent flooding. On the topic of flooding, Horn said the Ohio River is doing OK, but there is still flooding along the Mississippi River.

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