Depression is a mental illness, but it can affect your body as well as your mind. Sleep problems, for example, can be a symptom of depression.

Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep is common in people who are depressed. But some people with depression may find that they sleep too much.

Chest pains can be a sign of heart or other physical problems. See your doctor to rule out any serious cause. But sometimes chest pains can be a symptom of depression. There’s also a link between depression and heart disease.

Depression can raise your risk of heart disease. Plus, people who’ve had heart attacks are more likely to be depressed!

If you feel so tired that you don’t have energy for everyday tasks, even when you sleep or rest a lot, it may be a sign that you’re depressed. Depression and fatigue can feed off each other.

According to one major study, people who are depressed are more than four times as likely to develop unexplained fatigue, and people with fatigue are nearly three times as likely to become depressed.

Depression and fatigue together tend to make both conditions seem worse.

Pain and depression are closely linked. Living with ongoing pain can raise the risk of depression. And depression itself may lead to pain, because the two conditions share chemical messengers in the brain.

People who are depressed are three times as likely to develop ongoing pain.

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