Many years ago, I attended a leadership conference were one of the activities we did was called “Trust Challenge.” I was blindfolded and another individual, whom I did not know, led me around an obstacle course in a room. I had to trust the one leading me that they would not allow me to trip on any unseen hazard or break my neck. It was a humbling experience.

In the Book of Hebrews in Chapter 11:1 it defines faith as: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Both of the things mentioned about faith in this verse are about what it is — “things hoped for” and “things not seen.” It implies future events, things that have not happened yet.

It is in God that we are to have faith for the assurance and conviction that God knows what the future will bring.

As God leads us, we know that He loves us and we can have confidence that he will keep His promises and will guide us through the obstacles of life even when we cannot see them in our path.

Yet, at the same time Satan tries to put fear into our faith. I am told that there are 365 references of scripture that teaches us not to fear and not be afraid. That is one reference for each day of a year. Also, the Word of God teaches us that we can wholly trust in God while He leads us through uncertain times of life.

God already knows where we are and we can be sure that no matter what happens or comes our way, his promised salvation is to those who put their faith in Him.

So, my prayer is that the Lord help you not fear the unknown future. Just remember God already knows what lies ahead and you can allow Him to lead you and you will be safe. May your fear disappear and put your faith and trust in God and become more secure in Him as he leads.

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