Massac County Treasurer Jody Haverkamp reported to the commissioners Tuesday morning she will transfer approximately $16,000 from the county's general fund into the Mutual Medical fund to cover the cost of the county's medical bills.

According to Haverkamp, the county's general fund balance this week is $63,824, but she pointed out the balance may change depending on whether or not former Massac County Chief Deputy J.D. Haverkamp receives all or a portion of his check for his accumulated vacation and sick time before his retirement.

Later in the meeting newly appointed Chief Deputy Chad Kaylor said at one point J.D. Haverkamp had discussed taking his vacation and sick time accruals over two pay periods, as there will be three pay periods in July.

Kaylor also asked if that money would come out of the sheriff's department's line item for salaries or if it would come from the contingency line item. He told the board if it does come from the salaries line item, he would like for it to be noted at budget time so it does not look as though the department has overspent on the line item.

Kaylor also brought over the sheriff's department bills and pointed out the bills most pressing this week are any of the ones for food for the jail. He said the spending for food is up because of recent overcrowding at the detention center.

The only other item of business the commissioners approved was a resolution for Massac County Highway Engineer Joe Matesevac involving the transfer of maintenance of 1.17 miles of Pell Road to the City of Brookport. That portion of the road will be deleted from the Massac County Highway System and included in the City of Brookport Municipal Street System.

The commissioners also held a 30 minute closed session with Matesevac to discuss the subject of personnel.

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